Brackish (2015)

"If you could bring her back, would you?" This is the question burning deep within the mind of Jake, a man already torn apart by the brutal death of his fiancé Sarah. In an attempt to snap him out of his emotional tempest , Tila, his sister, convinces Jake to join her and her friends on a camping trip to an abandoned ghost town as a way to relax and get away from it all. However, things soon go wrong when Jake unknowingly discovers the dark secret of the town. Jake and the others ignore the warnings and press on, unaware of the events they are setting forth, and the fatal price that will have to be paid to answer this single burning question... "If you could bring her back, would you?"


Directed by: Matthew A. Peters

Written by: Matthew A. Peters & Jason A. Covey

Executive Producers: Jason A. Covey & Matthew A. Peters

Music by: Rich Fortuna


Starring: Ryan Santiago, Wayne W. Johnson, Charity Buckbee, Mark Joseph Peek, Joe Cappelli, Cristina DiCarlo, David J. Plescia, Christina Dixon Reeves, Janine Caswell, Mariah Joyce, Steve Handzel, Steven Fletcher, Gina Sideway, Edward J. Saunders, Greata Volkova, and Melissa A. Seelman