Brackish (2007)

Brackish is a tale of one man's selfish attempt to regain the past. Jake loses his fiancé Sarah and goes into a state of depression. His sister, Tila, and his friends, try to help him out of it by taking him camping. The five of them decide to camp near a ghost town where Jake and Tila's family is From. The Group is warned that traveling up there may not be safe. After arriving they explore the ghost town and Jake stumbles upon the house of his grandfather. While there, he finds a secret that his grandfather was trying to hide, a secret that could bring his fiancé back from the beyond. 


Written and Directed by: Matthew A. Peters

Executive producer: Jason A. Covey and Matthew A. Peters


Starring: Dior Aioubov, Rachel Powers, Al Amendolare III, Josh Campbell, Catherine Presite, Vanessa O'Brien, Kevin McDermott, Melissa A. Seelman, Adara Wilczek, and Larry Cicigline.