De Profundis (2010)

In De Profundis a weekend getaway turns into a night of horror for a family on vacation at a remote Adirondack cabin. A preist returns twenty years after "the incident" to stop an evil that haunts it. Can the preist exorcise the demon in time to save the girl's life and close the gates of hell?


Written and Directed by: Matthew A. Peters

Executive Producer: Jason A. Covey and Matthew A. Peters

Co-Producer: Rachel Reeves and Jay E. Salsberg

Music by: Rich Fortuna


Starring: Rochelle Angelina, Erika Biel, Kehela Neo Reeves, James S. Cacciatore, Jay E. Salsberg, Jay Storey, David  J. Plescia, Rachel Powers, Jeanie Getti, Melissa A. Seelman, Larry Cicigline, Jason A. Covey, Mark Joseph Peek and Matthew A. Peters