Get Outta Dodge (2010)

Get Outta Dodge is the dramatic, brutal story of Alex, a new FBI agent whose first assignment is to infiltrate an organized crime family in efforts to bring the crime family's boss to justice -the same crime boss that killed his father many year's ago. As Alex rises within the family ranks, his life soon gets caught between his love for the boss's daughter, who just wants to run away from it all with Alex, and his strange-hold relationship with the crime family's relentless hit man, Ren, whose heavy baggage of internal demons starts to affect his judgment and his relationship with Alex. With time running out, Alex's fate collides head-on with Ren whose internal struggle brings the two of them to a dramatic conclusion of wills.

Get outtta dodge mad angel.jpg

Directed by: Matthew A. Peters

Writers: Stephen Mullin and Matthew A. Peters

Executive Producers: Jason A. Covey and Matthew A. Peters

Associate Producer: Stephen Mullin

Music By: Rich Fortuna


Starring: David J. Plescia, Mark Joseph Peek, Miranda McKee, Lauren Telarole, Jay E. Salsberg, James S. Cacciatore, Joseph Costantino, James Hyatt II, Vincenzo Scalise, and Rayna Schneider