Night Run (2011)

Night Run is the story of two friends, Josh and Zack, who have fallen on rough times. Things go from bad to worse as they bump into a mysterious girl named Maxie and her bag full of drugs. Watch as their friendships gets tested when a mad man named Jet is out for their heads, after a drug deal that went bad.

Directed by Matthew A. Peters
Written by Matthew A. Peters and Wendell Dickenson Jr.
Executive Producer: Jason A. Covey, Wendell Dickenson Jr., Matthew A. Peters
Musical Score by: Rich Fortuna

Starring: David J. Plescia, Rocco Graziano, James S. Cacciatore, Lauren Telarole, Breanna Bradley, Mark Joseph Peek, Rich Klotz II, Robert Burns, Christopher Fiore, Jameson Duross, Ashely Parker, Wayne W. Johnson, Melissa A. Seleman and Larry Cicigline. 

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