Romeo 3000 (2018)

This be the year 3000. The world has been enveloped within the flames of nuclear warfare, bringing with it a new dark age.  What is left of civilization, of humanity, has been reduced to numerous city states, each fighting to survive the wars between them , as well as from within. This tale takes place after a vile war between two Houses both like in dignity, in what is left of fair Verona. The House of Capulet has claimed victory and believes to have extinguished all within The House of Montague, yet one still lives. This be not the story of star-crossed lovers, but of Romeo, last of the Montague. A cyborg who seeks love, and revenge...


Directed by: Matthew A. Peters

Written by: Matthew A. Peters & Wayne W. Johnson 

Executive Producers: Jason A. Covey, Matthew A. Peters, Wayne W. Johnson, Rob Bonnell, and Patrick Regan

Associate Producers: Bela Ajtai

Music by: Robert Paul Delaney


Starring: John Schnurr, Jennifer Lefsyk, Wayne W. Johnson, Jay E. Salsberg, Mark Joseph Peek, Bela Ajtai, Christina Foster, Sheila O'Shea, Erin Waterhouse, Charity Buckbee, James S. Cacciatore, Joe Cappelli, Ryan LoMedico, Steve Handzel, Patrick Regan, Colleen DiVincenzo, Alexander Eller, Thomas Ouimette, Mariah Joyce, Sonia Conlin, Nikki Rattray Baldwin, and Christopher Wood Marlin