Savage Christmas (2013)

When Mitch decides to take his virgin girlfriend Sarah away for Christmas, her friends tag along. What was suppose to be a weekend of fun, turned into a Christmas they will never forget. A group of filmmakers bring back a demon from the beyond, who is in search for virgin flesh to transfer its soul into. Sarah is in for the night of her life, as she is the target of the demons desires.


Directed by: Matthew A. Peters

Written by: Matthew A. Peters and Mark Joseph Peek

Executive Producer: Jason A. Covey, Matthew A. Peters, Wendell Dickenson Jr.

Associate Producer: Mark Joseph Peek


Starring: Rebecca C. Kasek, Mark Joseph Peek, James S. Cacciatore, Ryan Santiago, Jameson Duross, Melissa A. Seelman, Alyssa Reed, Mikaela Holmes, Lauren Telarole, Mu-Shaka Benson, Jason A. Covey, Matthew A. Peters, Marguerite Beebe, Marlina Beebe, Shawn Uebele, and Shadow C. LeValley.