Seize the Day (2009)

Seize the Day is about a man, Ray Stevenson who had dreams of changing the world, but through some poor decisions he made in his life he has lost everything. Frustrated and dying of cancer he blames one man for his misfortune, his business partner Jon Peterman. To get revenge he storms his former office building and takes him hostage. At the same time throughout the city high power businessmen are getting knocked off one by one. And its up to a Cal a rookie Detective and his veteran partner Burke, to solve these murders and how they tie into the recent hostage situation.

seize the day.jpg

Directed by: Matthew A. Peters

Written by: Steven Mullin and Matthew A. Peters

Executive Producer: Jason A. Covey and Matthew A. Peters

Associate Producer: Larry Cicigline


Starring: James S. Cacciatore, David J. Plescia, Jay E. Salsberg, Jay Storey, Rachel Powers, Melissa A. Seelman, Erin Henry, Rochelle Angelina, and Kehela Neo Reeves