Slade Collins and The Tree of Life (2014)

The story follows a relic hunter named Slade Collins who is employed by a museum caretaker to find Dr. Winters, a renowned anthropologist who has gone missing. Dr. Winters was researching The Tree Of Life in an attempt to uncover its secrets. Through an unfortunate event, Slade teams up with Sill Winters, Dr. Winter's daughter who is also searching for her father. Together, they set out to find the Tree Of Life and the doctor. Unfortunately for them, they are not the only ones searching for The Tree Of Life. The nefarious Reverend Wendell Cobb and his associate, the ruthless mercenary named Czar are also searching for it. Together they set out to bring about the end of the world as we know it.


Directed by: Matthew A. Peters

Written by: Matthew A. Peters and Mu-Shaka Benson

Music by: Rich Fortuna 

Executive Producer: Jason A. Covey and Matthew A. Peters

Associate Producer: Geoffrey Orlowski, James Davall, Scott Fiesthumel, Wendell Dickenson Jr.

Assistant Producer: Shawn Uebele


Starring: Ryan Santiago, Alissa Scherb, Rebeca C. Kasek, James Davall, Wayne W. Johnson, David J. Plescia, Berndelle March, James S. Cacciatore, Màiri Mason, Shawn Uebele, Mike Winslow, Jamie Morgan, Steve Handzel, Jameson M. Duross, Jay E. Salsberg, Derek Potocki, Edward J. Saunders, Carl DeFranco, and Shadow C . LaValley.