Stone (2012)

"Stone" is the story of Allan Stone, a drunk, self-loathing private detective who is hired to find a missing girl. But the girl is not what she appears to be, and a secret government organization known at the ARC is out to get her. Now it's up to Stone to find and protect her as he uncovers the truth behind what she really is.

Written and Directed by: Matthew A. Peters

Executive Producers: Jason A. Covey, Matthew A. Peters, Wendell Dickenson Jr.

Associate Producers: Mark Joseph Peek, Rocco Graziano 

Music by: Rich Fortuna

Starring: Rocco Graziano, David J. Plescia, James Davall, Lauren Telarole, Alyssa LaQuay, James S. Cacciatore, Wayne W. Johnson, Shanna Becker, Rachel Powers, Christopher Vincelette, Melissa A. Seelman, Christine Croft, Jameson Duross, Christopher Fiore, Jay E. Salsberg, Brandie Lee Field, Marlissa Anne Caldwell, and P.F.Labarbera

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