The Abandoned (2008)

The Abandoned: a story of mankind's struggle to rebuild after the end of civilization as we know it. There is only one hope for mankind now, which lies in the blood of a young girl who was born with genetic traits that make her able to survive the harsh weather conditions that now wreak havoc on the earth. Nate joins a ragtag group of human rebels as they travel through Creeper territory to deliver the girl to a rumored city that is the last remnant of humankind.

The Abandoned .jpg

Written and Directed by Matthew A. Peters

Executive Producers: Jason A. Covey and Matthew A. Peters

Associate Producer: Larry Cicigline

Music by: Rich Fortuna


Starring: Mark Joseph Peek, Jessica Lee Lawrence, Erika Biel, James S. Cacciatore, Larry Cicigline, Kevin McDermott, Rachel Powers, Kenn Pagano, MaryAnn Myrda, and Gary P. Hood Jr.