Three Days in the Woods (2010)

Everyone love camping in the woods. It's usually a calm, relaxing getaway. For five friends, it's the perfect way to send off one of their own. Amongst the partying and debauchery comes something much more sick and depraved. The five friends find themselves hunted by unknown killers. With the woods working against them, will they fall one by one or will they survive the next Three Days in the Woods? Mad Angel Films and Wicked Six Productions show you a glimpse of the evil that lie within the innocuous. Directed by Matthew A. Peters and written by Mark Joseph Peek, Three Days in the Woods will shock and disgust you. We promise.


Directed by: Matthew A. Peters

Written by: Mark Joseph Peek and Matthew A. Peters

Executive Producers: Jason A. Covey and Matthew A. Peters

Producer: Mark Joseph Peek

Music by: Rich Fortuna


Starring: Mark Joseph Peek, Erin Henry, Melissa A. Seelman, David J. Plescia, Catherine Presite, Michala May Gallt, Kenn Pagano, Lauren Telarole, Jay E. Salsberg, James S. Cacciatore, Rochelle Angelina, Justin Lesniak, Rachel Powers, And Shadow C. LaValley